ZEME flower stone

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New collection of flower stones in the ZEME line. 

Zeme means earth in Latvian and it describes perfectly these new pieces.

Thrown on the potters wheel from a grogged red clay, glazed with a opaque matte glaze. Feeling raw and earthy - they are perfect for minimalistic flower compositions, dry and fresh.

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Sizing, as seen on the first picture:

1 H 4.5 cm D 7.6 cm
2 H 5 cm D 8 cm
3 H 3.7 cm D 10.5 cm
4 H 4.5 cm D 7.6 cm
5 H 3.7 cm D 10.5 cm

Dishwasher safe. Wash with care.

Each piece is unique, showing the marks of the maker's process.