Peace cup

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these cups are in making and by ordering now, your cup will be ready middle of June.

This cup is a very special one.

By buying this PEACE cup, I donate 100% (excl. VAT) to one or several organisations helping humans and animals in the times of war in Ukraine.

Having acquaintances in Ukraine, I might also donate part of the income to the people in need/local humanitarian organisations directly.

⌀ 8 cm
H 7.5 cm
ca. 200 ml

Story of making

I was thinking about how, as a ceramist, I could get involved and make a small contribution to the common pot in this current situation. How could my hands and clay help someone and somewhere?

In the first week, my usual work routine seemed pointless, but still, getting on with my life was necessary and important. And a simple making simple cup came to mind.

I thought about the benefits of an ordinary cup. A cup that, together with a drink, would warm someone's hands on one side, and on the other give support, however tiny, small, but heartfelt.

And colour. Blue and yellow has become something of a symbol over the past few weeks. A symbol of strength, of love, of togetherness. I wanted this simple cup, to become a kind of symbol and to be have these colours.

So this cup came into being. A cup of love, strength and cohesion. 
I decided, however, to make two separate cups - one blue and one yellow. At the moment the blue glaze is still in progress, but the yellow one came out surprisingly quickly already as I would have liked it to be. 

Thank you for your support!