Container MOHN

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One of a kind containers from the MOHN line. 

Made on a throwing wheel and covered with a glossy glaze on the inside. Outside left unglazed, but sanded for a softer touch.

Use it in your working room, bathroom or kitchen - for jewelry, paper clips etc, for salt and other spices or in any different way your heart desires. 

Choose your container (see 1st picture):

1 H 6 cm, D 10.5 cm 
2 H 8.8 cm, D 10.3 cm
3 H 7.3 cm, D 10.8 cm
4 H 12.5 cm, D 10.5 cm 

Dishwasher safe. Wash with care.

All pieces are on of a kind, meaning next batch wont be the same. So only one of each available.