Most frequently asked questions about my ceramics and the studio.
Do you have a question you cannot find an answer to here, just contact me.

Can I wash your ceramics in the dishwasher?

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Generally speaking - yes, and I am testing my ceramics in the dishwasher everyday, but don't forget a dishwasher is a harsh place to be in. Please, place them in with care. Washing by hand is also a good alternative. For more information see a comment in the product description. 

How to take care of a piece with a matte glaze?

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Matte glazes are more sensitive to scratches - and this is something hard to avoid if used everyday with metal cutlery. I avoid putting matte glazes on plates and bowls and use satin/semigloss glazes for this reason. Cups and smaller bowls should not cause any problems.

I would love to order whole set, should I  make an order through a shop?

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In case you would like to order the whole set of cups, plates and bowls etc., just contact me directly - we can discuss all the details in person. I also offer a small discount for bigger orders and sets.

I would like to order a custom bowl, cup, set etc. Can you make it for me?

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I am open for collaborations and love creating something new for my clients, within the frames of my style, glazes and clays. Please contact me for more information.

Your flower stones are unglazed, how to take care of them?

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If using fresh flowers, sometimes there might be stains left from the natural colorants in the flowers. You can scrub them off with a brush using soda+lemon, if soap does not help.

Do you make all your work yourself?

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Yes, for now I am just a one-woman pottery studio. I make my pots, mix my glazes, pack all the orders and most of the time take pictures of my work. I put a lot of effort and love into what I do. 
Hope you enjoy using your new ceramics :)