Mohn, meaning poppy seeds in German - is a line of vessels made of porcelain clay, that I mix by hand, to achieve this beautiful light shade of grey. Every piece is made on a throwing wheel, glazed with a transparent glossy or crackle satin glaze to create simple, yet elegant look.


Basic collection is my first ever work presented as a line, back in 2014. All the pieces are made on a throwing wheel, using sand colored stoneware, tiny basalt stones showing through. It comes with a white or transparent glaze on the inside, outside left unglazed, but soft to the touch. It is a perfect everyday collection.


Tumsa collection is the newest of all. Started in the end of 2020 this is a line of tableware and decorative objects made using black stoneware (sometimes with tiny white stones) covered with a dark transparent glossy or matte glazes. It has a very raw and earthy feel to it. Work in process.